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"We don't just sell food, we sell culture, and I'm very happy to share our culture of the Caribbean." ~Ed Pottinger. THE CANADIAN PRESS - PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 24, 2016

We've been around for over 30 years so we've made some headlines along the way. Check out some of our recent news.

Hot! Hot! Hot!
Rihanna and Drake’s 'Work' Music Video Shot at TRJ Gerrard

"A Toronto restaurant is getting international attention after being prominently featured in one of Rihanna’s two new music videos for Work with Drake..."


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We made the list of Trekbible's "Best Restaurants in Toronto for Extreme Foodies." Check out the full article or jump down to Number 7 for the real goods! Check it out.


Caribbean Soul Food Queen on CTV!

What is The Real Jerk’s secret spice? It’s owner and chef Lily Pottinger. Lily’s passion for food started in her Jamaican childhood, and her traditional recipes - made Lily’s own over decades - are infused with warmth and love.

The Real Jerk chef and co-owner Lily Pottinger shared some traditional Caribbean cooking on Canada AM. On the menu: Curry Shrimp. For this deelish recipe and others, buy your own TRJ cookbook here.

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