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We have full menus, for dine-in enjoyment or for fast take out. We pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of Caribbean dishes, with slight menu variation at each location.

Breathe easy.  All our meals are fresh, flavourful - best enjoyed with friends and family.

Check out our menus:


Caribbean Cooking

Not familiar with Caribbean cuisine?  Check out some of these traditional Jamaican food items.


Ackee: the national fruit of Jamaica.


Rundown Sauce: a creamy coconut based sauce that typically consists of your choice of protein, coconut milk, tomato, onion and various seasonings.


Breadfruit: a starchy fruit commonly used as a vegetable.


Callaloo: a dark green, leafy vegetable rich in iron.


Escovitched Fish: a whole snapper served in a spicy vinaigrette sauce with carrots and onions.


Jerk: a way of cooking native to Jamaica, where meat is dry-rubbed or marinated with a hot spice mixture.


Oxtail: tail of cattle cooked in a seasoned brown gravy.


Plantain: a banana-like vegetable picked and used green.

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